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Heartfelt Thanks to all our customers

If you want to talk to any of the following wonderful customers about our quality and service,  we'll be very happy to give you the contact information.


Dear David & team,
Thank you very much for converting our dated films into digital. Until this material was converted we could not view shots of our young children, since then, we have enjoyed many great laughs and wonderful memories from the videos. Thank you for such a top quality, professional service.


Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada


BTW….the CD's are amazing! Thanks for your hard work - Rick has really enjoyed listening to his performance after 26 years.

Susan Luthren

The quality of reproduction from an old tape that goes back to the 1960's was very good indeed and both my wife and I am pleased to be able to listen to music that we thought was lost. We would definatly use this procedure again.

stuart lecrerar


I intially thought a 35 year old reel to reel tape restoration would have been impossible. A great job was done on the restoration. It brought back a lot of memories. Thanks for everything.

Mike Collinsworth

Millinocket, ME





very competent; enjoyed working with them.

Paul B. Belden IV


They did an excellent job and delivered on time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to have their videos digitized.

Daniel Bloomfield


great communication, quickly did the work and shipped it, excellent quality result.

Daniel Zuckerman


Sammy was terrific.

francis g ziegler


The process was quick. The communication was open and natural. The product was perfect.



I had no trouble ordering and the CDs came quickly. However, when I have put them into my computer, they keep crashing it. This has never happened when I have tried to download songs onto my computer before, so I think it is the CDs. I am able to download the songs eventually, but it's been frustrating. Also, some of the songs were cut into two tracks.

Abigail Marsh


Great communications, Excellent company.

gary p schmidt


Dealing with Canaan Media LLC was easy and even the payement was secure so I encourage dealing with this company.



You guys do a great job. Excellent work by SAM, he is prompt in his response. SAM, keep up the good work. Only suggestion is you should provide some sort of shipping discount on on pricing if it the conversion is reqd. in a matter of few days. Do understand the amount of work/effort required but that will help people like me. Thanks again.



Excellent. I only wish that they took credit/debit cards at the store/office level. Fortunately I paid the bulk of my purchase though Google checkout which then did permit me to use my debit card. All in all, a thoroughly positive experience. I've already given them another job and have a few more after that lined up. They're not fast; they take their time, but the quality shows in the finished product. I'm very happy, and very lucky that I found them.

Ralph P. Mancuso


Canaan Media LLC was professional, fast, courteous. I will definitely work with them in the future. I also recommend their services to any University Anthropology Dept. that has historic ethnographic film that needs to be transfered---without the bells and whistles.

Joleen L. Pietrzak


They did a great job on my "small" project and treated me like it was a BIG project.

Caid McKinley


They were very efficient in following up regarding pricing, confirmation that my package was received, and return shipping information. I was very satisfied with the customer service as well as my finished product.

Crystal Harris


Very Prompt and explantory emails that always kept me informed as to the status of where they were with my order - Great customer service! One item(really insiginificant in the scheme of things) I did notice...the paper the CD's was wrapped in inside the box looked like a brown paper bag...didn't look like the brown wrapping paper, wasn't bubble wrap, etc. Again, that's really a very granular thing and not that important - but just one more way to help them look top-notch professional. But, hey if that's the worst complaint they get - then they're doing Great! :-)

Evonne A. Boyle

Sam was great and really honored the fact that he was working with irreplaceable heirloom tapes.

Terryn Barill


Although there was initially miscommunication regarding the duplicate copies, Sam handled the situation and we came to a reasonable agreement.
Cherry Cornelius


Quite professional, will definitely use again...Thanks
Dirk R Allen


The response and results to my meager order were excellent! I alwys felt it was geiven top priority.

Wade Reynolds

Awsome Job, as always!!!!!!!

frank acito


It is with my great satisfaction to inform you that the balance of the reels arrived today, Looks like my call got them sent on that day! Tell Sam that I am happy with the results of the 8mm transfer & a great day to you too....

Mr/Mrs Daniels


Dear Sam,

I was very pleased with your work and would like to offer the following should you wish to post it onto your website. It is as follows:

"..... The services and attention to detail provided by Sam and the staff of Canaan Media simply were outstanding. We sent in 37 silent 8mm tapes from the 1970's and Sam and his team restored and transferred onto DVD. The DVD's arrived (with the original 8mm tapes) with beautiful music within two weeks!! We watched the DVDs and it brought back such great memories. We would highly recommend your services to others."

Sincerely the Bergmann Family

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much for the great job on the CDs. I'm so glad that I finally had the open reel tapes converted. I have one additional tape to convert...another reel to reel. Can I send it to you in the mail and then have it returned to me in the same manner?
Please let me know.
Barbara Laudicina (9-30-2007)

Hi Kathy,
No problem - I understand. I will send out a check for the balance $17.85 right away. The DVD's are amazing! You did a fantastic job with them, and my mom cried!

Micháela Murray-Nolan


Hi, the work you did on the videos and 8mm films is wonderful!
I have another 13 8mm and 7 videos that I need to have remastered.
Please let me know when you have other work in the area and I will
be happy to have you process them.
thanks again,

Dr.Robert Friedman


Kathy, I did receive the package, thank you. I watched the DVD's and the clarity is wonderful. Thank you so much for doing a great job. I am very happy with your service and quality. I hope you received my payment. Thank you!



Your service was great. The next time we have any work it will go to you.
Thank you,

Ryan Ochs
Sales Manager


Kathy, I did receive the tape to CD transfer and I was happy with the results.
Thank you!

Steve Sloan

Dear Mr. Samuel Peng:
I received the package with the DVD's and my 45 original cassettes. I already reviewed 2 DVD's and they came out very good. It will take me some time to review the rest
I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional work you did. Special thanks to Kathy for her excellent follow up an communications.

Dr. Mordechai Gemer


I just want to let you know that I received my DVD's in the mail today. You did an excellent job on my order! Please thank the people involved, the choice of music was excellent and the way the DVD was put together, I am very pleased. Also, thank you very much for the master copy!  If I have a need to make any other types of DVD's with photos we will definitely do business again.

Again, thank you very much,
Denise Bazinet

Hi Kathy
We did receive the CD in time, and want to thank you so very much for your prompt and outstanding service. You did a beautiful job transferring the old 8 track with very little background noise! I got your invoice, and sent the $20 check off yesterday for the extra minutes.
It was a special treat to be able to share the CD with the family over Easter. We would not hesitate to use your service again, and would surely recommend it to anyone looking for transfer of old tapes to CD or DVD.

Thank you!

Marilyn Hunt

I received the CD yesterday and it is wonderful! My father has been dead for 46 years and we can hear his voice again! Thank you so much!!

Regina Mandy

Kathy, Gay and I want to let you know that we really appreciate what you have done for us. This is going to be a great birthday for Gay’s Dad (90 years old). Thanks

Tony and Gay


hello, I received my CD's, I am very happy with them. thank you very much!!!

Sharon Clark



Corey Morin


Kathy, I received the DVD this morning and it plays excellent. I really appreciate your help. You have been extremely accommodating and your prices were very reasonable. Thank you again for making this process quick and easy.

Michelle McCabe-Christensen

Kathy, Thank you. The package has been received and I am extremely pleased with the quality of work and the manner in which the media was returned. I will most definitely be consulting with Canaan Media for all of my future needs, and would highly recommend your services to others.
Thank you, and happy holidays.

Stephen Perry


We received a wonderful package yesterday from you containing our precious memories which you beautifully converted to DVD for us. We were very pleased with your work. You followed our instructions explicitly. Thank you so much. You did an excellent job in keeping us informed of the progress, and in completing the work as promised with the specified period of time. We will use you again. Thanks!


Andrea and Frank Watkins

Landisville, PA

I received the tape/DVD today. I am very happy with it.  I will be sending you some personal audio cassettes for copying to CD shortly.  Thanks

Chris Jensen

Warminster, PA


Great job transferring 44 year old 8mm to DVD!!!!!

peteshndl ( 33)

Item Number: 5945084665


Extremely happy with what you did with my 39 year old 8 mm film

krause4368 ( 23)

Item Number: 5943680867


We got the DVD yesterday... everything looks great!  Thank you again for the fast and competent service. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends!
Thanks again

Marcy Bruhn


I received the DVD today and found it very nice. On the title page in the beginning page, Surprise was spelled wrong though. It was spelled Surprise.
You did a nice job on the transfer and I look forward to sending more old movies for transfer.

Thanks again!


I recently sent you a reel-to-reel tape for conversion to a CD. This tape was a recording of the wedding ceremony for my wife and I which was performed over 42 years ago. The original recording was very poor quality and I wasn't sure it could be converted. My wife and I listened to the CD yesterday and were pleasantly surprised. You did an excellent job and we are completely satisfied! We plan to recommend you to our friends and relatives.

Thanks a lot!

Bob and Kay Engle
Oklahoma City, OK



ebay Buyer  

coolcash4u( 186)

item number: 5927504748


nice job.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOK thank you

ebay Buyer  

lenezin13 ( 193)

item number: 5926791559



"...Hello! We have received the DVDs on Saturday! We are very pleased with everything and thank you for the bonus disks!!!                      We will be shipping the rest of our film reels super 8 to you-
On Monday we will put them in the mail.
Please provide us with the amount you will need AFTER you size up the situations-
Let us do like we did before, we will mail films reels to you- and will await your EMAIL as to how much you will think these will cost after you look the situations over !
Thank you again for the wonderful works, and we look forward to future works !
Many thank yours!!
Thank you and sincerely,
Ramona and Hollis Black

Carmichael, CA


"...Thanks a zillion!  The DVD's arrived today, and our family is sitting down to watch them as I speak.  I SO MUCH appreciate your working so hard to get them to us in time for Christmas.  Happy Holidays!
Jill Goodwin" Alpine, TX


Great job converting the 8mm to DVD!

ebay Buyer  

ketup_com ( 865)

item number: 3194201866


"...Thank you very much for the excellent service. The DVD result is even better than my original films, nice image processing work!!!
I am sending more reels and tapes and have recommended your service to several of my friends and relatives.
Good job!..."

Daniel Fagerburg, San Jose, CA


Can't say enough good things about the ebay seller.

ebay Buyer

Jacquie( 225)

item number: 3171657153


Excellent transaction! Item exactly as described! Very Satisfied Customer! A+++

ebay Buyer  

aazar95 ( 605)

item number: 2790699204



"...I just wanted to let you know that I mailed to you (with payment) last
Thursday six reels of film (including the one you had already done) to have
them transferred from 8mm to DVD ...
I appreciated the good work you did on the first reel as it turned out
better than what I received from another company who copied the same reel to a DVD.
Thanks for your help with this. ..."

Peter Tadin,

Austin, Texas


Great service, fast  turn around, wonderful quality, and ......very cheap priced. -


Baton Rouge, LA


We received & viewed the DVDs,  they even look
better then we expected.  Thanks, Canaan Media. We will be sending
more film in the near future.
The Bob Cahill's
Reston, VA



Much better transfer than the others on ebay, wish I went to these guys first!

ebay Buyer  

joesboxingcafe ( 279)

item number: 3175395403


Excellent transaction! Item exactly as described! Very Satisfied Customer! A+++

ebay Buyer  

aazar95 ( 605)

item number: 2790699204

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