CHILDES & TalkBank Projects Led by Dr.Brian MacWhinney

CHILDES & TalkBank Projects
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Main article: TalkBank
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Dr.Brian MacWhinney developed and directs the CHILDES and TalkBank corpora, two widely used databases for language acquisition research.

The CHILDES system provides tools for studying conversational interactions. These tools include a database of transcripts, programs for computer analysis of transcripts, methods for linguistic coding, and systems for linking transcripts to digitized audio and video. The CHILDES database includes a rich variety of computerized transcripts from language learners. Most of these transcripts record spontaneous conversational interactions. There are also transcripts from bilingual children, older school-aged children, adult second-language learners, children with various types of language disabilities, and aphasics who are trying to recover from language loss. The transcripts include data on the learning of 26 different languages.

Canaan Media digitized a good set of audio and video collections for this project, including “convert cassette to CD”.