Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Audio Archival


Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Archives

Oklahoma Baptist University is an institution founded on Christian principles and teachings whose primary purpose is to conduct educational programs in the traditional arts and sciences and in other disciplines with the intent to prepare students for effective leadership and service in the various vocations.

The mission finds expression through a strong liberal arts core curriculum which supports degree programs designed to prepare students for careers and graduate study; through activities planned to stimulate spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development; and through an environment that reflects the application of Christian principles and teachings.

The purpose of the OBU Archives is to collect and preserve documents and other artifacts which are of significance as records or as symbols of the history, character, and accomplishments of OBU and of the places and people associated with OBU. The purpose of these materials is to serve as a resource for scholarly research on persons, places, and events related to OBU, and to provide a historic record and reminder of the heritage that we today must build and carry on into the future.

Canaan Media has strongly contributed towards the archival of significant audio clips in Oklahoma Baptist University’s history.

source: https://www.okbu.edu/about/mission.html