Before you start a live chat, see if these questions and answers will help you.

Q: I am concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of my media materials, why should we trust Canaan Media?
A: We respect your privacy and confidentiality seriously.
Being in the media conversion business for over 10 years, no other companies are better than us to keep customers’ information tight:
All jobs are processed in-house in our security clearance facilities.
All jobs are processed by our experienced professional technicians.
A technician will only use what material is necessary for fulfilling the job purpose.
Once a job is done, we keep a digital backup for up to 1 month for safety sake, all temporary files will be deleted from our system after one month or sooner if requested.

Q: I’m local, may I come to drop off and pick up my originals?
A: Yes, please make sure you contact us and make an appointment before you come.  The driving directions can be found from our website.

Q. Why should I trust the quality of your service on cine film (8mm/16mm) conversion when there are so many service providers as yours? 
A. At Canaan we use the best State-of-the-Art equipment to fulfill your cine film conversion project. One way to check our quality is to send us one or two small reels for testing. This is a FREE service.  You can also check out our customer’s testimonials and see how  others talk about our quality and service.

Q. I don’t know what’s on the 8mm/16mm film reels or what order they should  be done in, can they be edited? 
A. In this case, we’ll first send you the original archiving AVI file set (every reel will have its own AVI file) for reviewing.  You can then decide what order they should appear on the final DVD, tell us the order and we’ll make the final DVD for you. There is a 20% charge for the AVI file set.

Q. How do I know the total cost of my order?
A. By filling out our online order form, you will see the total cost; there is no hidden charge. Please  be noted: Some optional features such as extra duplicate set, Hollywood Design DVD/CD case are not reflected  in the total cost.  New Jersey customers also need to add up a 7% tax charge.

Q. I’ve heard that the films flicker when they are transferred to video, is this true? 
A. No.  Flickering may occur when attempting to transfer a cine film with a consumer level camcorder or an old projector. Our process is flicker-free for any type of cine films.

Q. Will we get our originals back? 
A. Yes, they will be returned in a better condition (we do minor cleaning) or the same condition as we receive them.

Q. How should I make the payment to you if I don’t know the length of the film?
A. You only need to pay us the minimum now when shipping the package.  Our technicians will find out the exact length of your originals and we’ll send you the invoice after we finish capturing the footage.

Q. Can my cine films be transferred to other formats? 
A. Yes, we can transfer to almost any tape to any digital format.  If you want to edit and burn your own DVDs, the common digital formats are raw AVI format or Mpeg-2 format. The AVI format has the best quality (uncompressed) but the file size is huge ( 1 minute equals to about 173 Mb), you might need to provide us your own portable Hard disc to hold the file. TheMpeg-2 format file has relatively smaller size and usually can be held by a regular DVD disc.

Please note: the mpeg-2 and AVI files can be watched only from your PC and very few of the DVD players; a regular DVD can be played from your regular DVD player.

.Q. How about the return postage? 
A. We have a fixed $11.99 shipping/handling charge per order – no matter how big the order is. The package is shipped by USPS Priority Mail service with Delivery Confirmation.

Q. I want my cine films transferred as next day service. Is this possible? 
A. We can arrange this although there is an extra cost. Please contact us for our express service rates.

Q. Can I  edit my cinefilms once you have created the DVD / Video tape? 
A. Yes, we can transfer your footage into AVI file format.  Then you can import the file into your own video editing software and burn your own DVD.

Q. I have some footage that is not developed, do you do this too?
A. No, sorry, we don’t provide this kind of service at this moment.

Q. How do I pay for your transferring service? 
A. You can pay us by check or money order, payable to “Canaan”.