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guaranteed service quality Established in 2002, Canaan Media has been bringing old, precious media memories into the digital era for thousands of customers including the United Nations, the government, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals for over a decade. Whether it be preserving or archiving old records, documents, photographs, audio tapes, video tapes, and even 100-year-old 8mm/16mm/35mm cinefilms, or creating and distributing company training, digitization consulting, advertising or operating materials, Canaan Media can provide you with reliable digital media solutions.

  • Audio Digitization

    Audio Digitization..

    From $14.99. Many of our customers still have volumes of music, radio programs and recorded fami...

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  • Document/Image Scanning

    Document/Image Scanning..

    Canaan Media LLC is a leader in Medical, Legal, Academic and Financial Document Management. From Document Scanning to Microfiche Microfilm Conversions to Web Based Storage ...

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  • Editing & Quality Enhancing

    Editing & Quality Enhancing..

    Canaan provides special quality enhancement service for our customers.We will take your old audio tapes and make a clean sounding CD or MP3 without TAPE NOISE! All orig...

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  • Foreign Standard Conversion (PAL NTSC SECAM)

    Foreign Standard Conversion (PAL NTSC SECAM)..

    The National Television Standards Committee sets the analog television standard for the United States; this format itself is also informally called "NTSC". While a standard...

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  • Movie Film Digitization

    Movie Film Digitization..

    From $11.99. Canaan Media is a full-service motion picture film laboratory and telecine house, sp...

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  • Video Digitization

    Video Digitization..

    From $11.99. For many of us, having videotape on the shelf seems like a good way for us to preser...

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  • Records and File Management Services

8mm Film used by MSNBC