Video Digitization

From $11.99. For many of us, having videotape on the shelf seems like a good way for us to preserve our oral histories. Tapes are tangible. Unlike the seeming gossamer quality of digital files, analog video tapes seem to have solidity — we can hold them in our hands, line them up on shelves, and pop them into a machine to play. It is a good idea to hold onto your original tapes but, as we know, quality of magnetic tape fades off, so migration to digital format is a must.
At Canaan, migrating an analog videotape collection from tape-to-digital format is broken down into the following four steps, our customer can always be sure that they get the best possible quality of their precious old videotapes:

Assessing the collection;
Preparing the analog playback;
Implementing the digitization process;
Doing quality control.