Scan Microfilm, Microfiche to Digital

Scan Microfilm, Microfiche

Scan microfilm, microfiche to digital format. (DVD, PDF, or any other format)

For microfilmmicrofiche and aperture card scanning, Canaan Media proudly uses USA-manufactured NextScan equipment – the best microfilm scanners in the world. NextScan invented “ribbon scanning,” the process by which a roll of film is scanned in its entirety  (including all the spaces between the frames), with quality control being performed by a human operator AFTER the roll is initially captured. We ribbon-scan all the microfilm that we process, which allows us to guarantee that every roll and sheet we digitize is captured 100% completely, and that there are no skipped frames, improperly cropped pages, etc. in the images we deliver to our customers.

Canaan Media can scan microfilm, microfiche in a professional matter, to create a high quality long-term digital archive.

We offer microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning, and aperture card scanning for:

  • Libraries, Archives, and Historical Societies
  • Institutional and Corporate customers
  • School Districts and Universities
  • Law firms and Litigation service companies
  • Engineering and Aerospace customers

* Please call (908)218-7929 or email to: for information and quotation!

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