Scan 35mm Negatives to Digital

Scan 35mm Negatives into Digital
Scan Family Photos into Digital

Scan 35mm negatives to digital format. (DVD, JPGs, or any other format)

This is for 35mm film photos. For 35mm movie film conversion, click here.

Note: All your priceless family photos will be scanned in the United States, NOT India or any other countries!

You have found the one-stop-shopping site for converting all of your irreplaceable memories to digital format. And, we believe that this will be your last stop in your journey to find a high quality professional source for your family photos, negatives, slides and film  strips scanning needs. Your film positives are first scanned at the proper resolution, they are then cleaned, sharpened, and color corrected. Your CD might be JPG, GIF, or BMP formats, due to your preference. If you want DVD or Blu-ray video format, we lay the images out in a video timeline using a digital video program, add transitions, music or your audio, then bring it all together on a DVD or Blu-ray Disc for you. You can send audio on CDs or audio cassettes; even your own commentary can be added for that special touch.

Canaan Media can scan 35mm negatives in a professional matter, to create a high quality long-term digital archive.

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