Transfer 8mm Movie Film to Digital

Transfer 8mm Movie Film
Transfer 8mm Movie Film

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Transfer 8mm movie film to digital format. (DVD, Blu-Ray, AVI, or any other format)

Be noted: this service is for the old 8mm cinefilm reels, NOT for the modern video8, 8mm, hi8 or digital8 video tapes.

Canaan Media is a full-service motion picture film laboratory and telecine house, specializing in 8mm, 16mm, super-16 and 35mm/70mm services for the film archivist and documentary, student, commercial, and Independent filmmakers.

Available option of scanning solution includes: 4K, 3K, UHD, 2K, HD and SD.

In the process of digitizing old color films by Canaan, even badly faded source material can sometimes be restored to full color through digital techniques that amplify the faded dye colors.

If you have 8mm or Super 8 films lying around the house, it is never too early to have them transferred to a video. Each time they are projected, they become more scratched and damaged. In digital video form, the content can be preserved in the current state.

Regular-8mm and Super-8mm digitizing is one of Canaan Media’ special services with the use of our special professional equipment. Canaan Media uses a proprietary digital process from start to finish to offer an all-digital transfer of your precious 8mm film reels. Film digitization is performed using professional quality 3CCD digital cameras (over 700 lines of resolution) in conjunction with professional telecine editor & projectors that transfer directly into our video processing systems.

Canaan Media can transfer 8mm movie film in a professional matter, to create a high quality long-term digital archive.

* Please call (908)218-7929 or email to: for quotation for HD scanning!

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