Client Testimonial

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My LP and converted CD

My LP and converted CD arrived in yesterday's (late) afternoon mail. I am the next to last stop on my mail carrier's route.I am pleased to report that the package was in good condition, and after playing the CD on several of my sound systems, I can report that you do GOOD work. The sound reproduction is very clear, and I am very pleased. Thank you for a good job.Please feel free to use me as a reference.Best regards, Brian Murray

Bob and Kay Engle, from Oklahoma City, OK

"I recently sent you a reel-to-reel tape for conversion to a CD. This tape was a recording of the wedding ceremony for my wife and I which was performed over 42 years ago. The original recording was very poor quality and I wasn't sure it could be converted. My wife and I listened to the CD yesterday and were pleasantly surprised. You did an excellent job and we are completely satisfied! We plan to recommend you to our friends and relatives. Thanks a lot!"Bob and Kay Engle Oklahoma City, OK

Ramona and Hollis Black, from Carmichael, CA

"...Hello! We have received the DVDs on Saturday! We are very pleased with everything and thank you for the bonus disks!!! We will be shipping the rest of our film reels super 8 to you- On Monday we will put them in the mail.Please provide us with the amount you will need AFTER you size up the situations- Let us do like we did before, we will mail films reels to you- and will await your EMAIL as to how much you will think these will cost after you look the situations over !Thank you again for the wonderful works, and we look forward to future works ! Many thank yours!!Thank you and sincerely, Ramona and Hollis Black Carmichael, CA

Daniel Fagerburg, from San Jose, CA

"...Thank you very much for the excellent service. The DVD result is even better than my original films, nice image processing work!!! I am sending more reels and tapes and have recommended your service to several of my friends and relatives. Good job!..."

Peter Tadin, from Austin, Texas

"...I just wanted to let you know that I mailed to you (with payment) last Thursday six reels of film (including the one you had already done) to have them transferred from 8mm to DVD ... I appreciated the good work you did on the first reel as it turned out better than what I received from another company who copied the same reel to a DVD. Thanks for your help with this. ..."

Daniel Bloomfield

They did an excellent job and delivered on time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to have their videos digitized.

Paul B. Belden IV

very competent; enjoyed working with them.

Moshe Najjar


Mike Collinsworth

I intially thought a 35 year old reel to reel tape restoration would have been impossible. A great job was done on the restoration. It brought back a lot of memories. Thanks for everything. Mike Collinsworth Millinocket, ME

Stuart Lecrerar

The quality of reproduction from an old tape that goes back to the 1960's was very good indeed and both my wife and I am pleased to be able to listen to music that we thought was lost. We would definatly use this procedure again.

Susan Luthren

BTW….the CD's are amazing! Thanks for your hard work - Rick has really enjoyed listening to his performance after 26 years.


Dear David & team, Thank you very much for converting our dated films into digital. Until this material was converted we could not view shots of our young children, since then, we have enjoyed many great laughs and wonderful memories from the videos. Thank you for such a top quality, professional service.