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You demand the best for your family and their memories.
Canaan Media delivers the best home video transferring service.
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Welcome to Canaan Media!

Expertise on image/audio/video signal processing,  Canaan is the most trusted media (image, audio, video) digitalization service provider in the U.S.A..

Please don't forget you can always contact us before you decide to use our service and you can always count on advice from our FREE consultant, even if you want to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

Please keep in mind that you can always estimate the total cost for your order automatically by filling out our online order form.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following items.  Please pick your original format by clicking it in the table:

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8mm/16mm Cinefilm
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Video Tapes
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compact VHS Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
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Record to Pro. Betacam SP Cost Estimate (Order Form)
1/2" Sony-Matic Reel Video Cost Estimate (Order Form)
3/4" U-Matic Reel Video Cost Estimate (Order Form)
1" Type C Reel Video Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Foreign Standard Conversion (PAL NTSC SECAM)
PAL VHS to DVD Cost Estimate (Order Form)
compact VHS Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Hi8 Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Video 8 Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Audio Tapes
Open Reel to Reel Cost Estimate (Order Form)
8-Tracks Cartridge Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Vinyl LP Record Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Cassette to CD Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Mini Cassette Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Micro Cassette Tape Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Digital Audio Tape DAT Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Document Conversion, Still Image 35mm Film Slide
Document Conversion Cost Estimate (Order Form)
35mm Slide Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Photos Cost Estimate (Order Form)
35mm Film Strip Cost Estimate (Order Form)
Canaan Data Recovery Services
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"Hi, the work you did on the videos and 8mm films is wonderful! I have another 13 8mm and 7 videos that I need to have remastered. Please let me know when you have other work in the area and I will be happy to have you process them......."
thanks again,

Dr.Robert Friedman

"......You did a beautiful job on the set you sent me. This is a perfect format for my purposes. I am going to send you another set of 48 cassettes now. ..... One of my colleagues at the University of Texas, Barbara Davis, has a big collection of DAT tapes, that we would like to convert to WAVE format and put on DVD-ROM, as you did for the big collection of  cassettes at the end of last year. ......"

--Dr.Brian MacWhinney    Carnegie Mellon University

"I received the package with the DVD's and my 45 original cassettes. I already reviewed 2 DVD's and they came out very good. It will take me some time to review the rest
I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional work you did. Special thanks to Kathy for her excellent follow up and communications. "

Dr. Mordechai Gemer

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  • Bestbuy

  • Veritext

  • Kids Corporation

  • United Nations (Group of 77)

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • F.I.R.E

  • Rutgers Univ.

  • DSPcon

  • L'Oreal USA Corp.

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Canaan  is providing package pickup service to our

New Jersey

New York Philadelphia Metropolitan area  customers with volume order,  if you have any volume  video/audio service needs and want us to pickup them from your location, please contact us, thanks!

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